Turakoli Wild Safari is a adventure company that supports its community

The Founder

I studied Tourism because I had the passion, I wanted to share knowledge and information about my country between people from different walks of life, I loved animals, birds and nature. I wanted to show people how beautiful my country is and why its called the Pearl of Africa ( Uganda).

When I was young I actually didn’t believe I could own a safari Company because all of my childhood life I was an orphan living in Orphanages with no hope of becoming somebody who could lead people from different to their places of interest around Uganda but I got help from friends that helped me to study tourism in the University and get the experience and skills required to give the best experiences to our customers.

Our Philosophy

At our safari company, our philosophy is a harmonious blend of two vital principles: respecting animal well-being and delivering unparalleled wildlife experiences to our customers. We firmly believe that these two objectives can coexist and enhance each other.First and foremost, our commitment to animal well-being is unwavering. We operate with utmost respect for the natural habitats and wildlife we encounter, ensuring minimal disruption to their lives. Our knowledgeable guides adhere to strict ethical guidelines, promoting responsible viewing practices that prioritize the welfare of the animals.Simultaneously, we are dedicated to crafting unforgettable wildlife experiences for our customers. We believe that by fostering a deep appreciation for wildlife and conservation, we contribute to the long-term protection of these incredible creatures.In essence, our philosophy embodies the idea that by safeguarding animal well-being and providing exceptional wildlife encounters, we create a meaningful and sustainable safari experience for all.

Community Support

At our company, social responsibility is the heartbeat of our mission. We’ve made a steadfast commitment to giving back to the communities we visit through tourism. A core principle of our business is that one-third of the benefits generated flow directly into community projects. We understand that tourism can be a powerful force for positive change.

By dedicating a significant portion of our profits to these initiatives, we empower local communities with resources for education, healthcare, infrastructure, and sustainable development. This ensures that the very places and people that make our tours exceptional also benefit from our success. We believe that responsible tourism isn’t just about exploration; it’s about leaving a lasting, positive impact on the destinations we cherish.